ch-ch-changes (or how 2015 made me force myself to grow up)

2015 has been really good to me.

I didn't expect a lot of things that happened to me this year and it's actually refreshing. All these changes that happened really helped me realize a lot of stuff. In just a few months, I found myself thinking about grown up shiz like living independently, paying for my own bills, finally setting up the shop again, etc. So here are some of things that happened to me this year:

THE BIG 3-0 
I turned 30 this June. It's probably the driving force for all these changes; me realizing that I'm turning 30 and I'm still doing the same shiz I'm doing when I was in my early 20s. Which is not good. And it kind of depressed me a bit. So yeah, I finally had to whoop my ass to grow up and finally do something for myself.

For several years, I've been commuting to and from work. I used to do that because I'm always travelling with the boyfriend so I know I'm safe even if I fell asleep, which is usually what happens to me on my bus ride home. Which you know isn't safe. There are pickpockets who prey on sleeping people in the bus. So I figured I had to go live in the city again. I used to live in the city when I was in college. That was 4 years of city life that I truly enjoyed. So 2 years ago, I lived with 3 other people in Makati, same city where I currently spend my "9-5". After a year, I decided to move out and live alone. I have a lot of stuff, mostly shop inventory and raw materials, which made space sharing a little problematic for me (because I take up a lot of space lol!). So I moved a few doors down, to a small studio room. It's the perfect size for me, living alone with all my paper and crafts materials and books and vinyls. It's a dream. It's not much, but it's a dream. Welcome to my home/factory.

I opened up shop again! This time I'm offering handmade notebooks and journals. 

I have been hoarding notebooks for ages and I can't seem to find the perfect notebook. My primary issue was the paper. A lot of cute notebooks in the market are really eyecandies but fail in the paper department. They're usually too thin. And I'm pretty OC when it comes to paper. I don't like my handwriting to bleed through the back page. So I was able to find a supplier (sorry guys, it's a business secret I can't share :) who provides me with premium Italian acid free paper. I keep one for myself from every batch haha!

If you want to see the collections, just head on over to the shop, Midnight City Curiosities.

So far, this year had been super amazing. I'm so blessed and thankful that I have the chance to experience all these in 1 year. Goal setting had been a HUGE help. It's the one of the many things that I learned while reading Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess, over the years.

So here's to hoping more awesome experiences for the rest of the year. More goals = more accomplishments!

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